About Me

Hi! My name is Monika. Thank you for stopping by.


I’m just an ordinary girl who grew up in the small town of Liberec, in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. In July this year I turned 21 in the US, so it was a big celebration for me. I live only with my sister and my mother in a small flat, so I’m used to be only in the presence of women, even though my grandfather brought me up as his own daughter, what i am extremely grateful for. Our family is not big as it seems to be, but every simple piece of it is the most important part of my life.

Did I forget to mention our passion for cats? As I and my sister were just a children, we always wanted a cat, but our mother always refused that. But then came a day in winter, when I was going from school and on my way home I found a beautiful but injured kitty. I decided to bring it and hide it in our room and take care of it. But three days later our mother heard a silent noise under her bed, so she checked it out. She saw that kitty cuddling with its own tail and it was so adorable that she said it was the cutest thing she had ever seen in her life. We have three cats now.



Currently I am studying at Palacky University in Olomouc, field of study Czech philology and Publishing activities. It’s about four and a half hours away from my home, so I usually spend a lot of time in the train or bus, what is sometimes really exhausting, but I enjoy it, because I manage my time more effectively – I can read my favorite books.

When I’m not studying (frankly, not really often), I’m usually at my new work as receptionist in the center of sports and health Omega. I very enjoy this kind of job, because it teaches me how to comunnicate with people and how to work with money. It also comes with a lot of responsibility, what I warmly welcome, because I think it’s really important to not take things too lightly.

I’m also really enjoying sport and any kind of sport activities like fitness, running, yoga, dancing or swimming. I’m really trying to do some exercise at least three times a week, but you know, it’s sometimes hard, when you are such a food-lover and your procrastination simply doesn’t want you to leave your bed!



I have been to many places so far, but not to so many as I wish to be. My passion for traveling started when I was abroad with my mother, sister and grandparents. It was the first time I saw the sea with my own eyes and I immediately fell in love with it. Since that time we have travelled to almost every country by the sea in Europe like Italy, Greece, Croatia or France. I have shared my passion with my active grandma, with whom I have been to London, Florence, Napoli, Saint Tropez or Split.


My passion has never stopped so I decided two years ago to travel and work in the USA for a summer. I was a counselor at the summer camp and I taught children yoga, fencing and how to dance. I think it was the most enriching experience in my life, although it was sometimes really difficult to be at only one and deserted place for three months with so many children, overcome my language barrier and especially become acclimatized in the new environment with american oxygen. But as you can see, I happily survived! And I am very grateful for it, because I could have the best summer of my life, summer full of new friends, practicing of my english, american delicious food and 21 awesome days of traveling! And trust me, it was worth it!!



There was a time when I wanted to share my experience and my writing skills with someone else, so I sent several of my works to some literal competitions, but I simply didn’t feel that was the right way to send some message to the world. I was also trying to write a book and I was really satisfied with the first and maybe also second chapter, but I think that topic was too challenging for me yet, so I’m going to finish it later. I believe this blog is a perfect way I can express myself and at the same time the best option to share my life with someone with the same mind.


My passions have always been creative writing, traveling and animals, so my dream is travel the world, help animals in danger and write a book about it. I know it’s a little bit too much for one person, but if you have a faith, you can do whatever you want to. And that’s what I’m going to do. Follow my dreams.


I hope you will enjoy my words and maybe also learn something new you didn’t know before.

With endless love,